Project Description

Automated decentralized high power charging robots for logistic fleets

The cooperative R&D project "E-ASY CHARGE" is a project from the RTI initiative "Zero Emission Mobility - 1st Call" supported by the the Austrian Research Promotion Agency | FFG.

A complete electrification of logistics fleets will create enormous peak loads and energy consumptions due to necessary charging procedures at the respective logistics hub.

Main Goal

The main goal of the project is the development of a high power underfloor charging robot prototype, which is designed for e-trucks.

This charging robot will be tested together with a 40t e-truck under real conditions. In addition, the scenarios for the integration of autonomous charging robots in the logistics sector are being developed in different use cases.

Building on this, different business models will be established, to determine how strong the impact of this technology ca be, to drive the electrification of freight fleet forward.

Thin Laptop

Climate and Energy Fund

This project is supported with funds from the Climate and Energy Fund and implemented in line with the "Zero Emssion Mobility" programme.